Orchidpeople Flasks

Jan 2018


We continue to receive shipments of flasks of our own crosses for sale. Each flask contains between 35-40 plants Many of these are crosses we consider warm tolerant based on our growing and testing on our benches at 250 above sea level in Hawaii on the Big Island. Of course you will have to try these crosses under your growing conditions to verify this. In most cases one or both parents definitely are warm tolerant and were tested and shown warm tolerant. We make no guarantee as to heat or warm tolerance. We provide as much information as possible for you to make an informed decision.

There are only a few each of these flasks so supply is limited.

Price: $45 per flask plus $15 shipping Fedex.


OPP815 Western Movie 'Key Lime'x Peter Pan 'Lawson's #5' WT

A seedling cross of some nice greens. Should be some nice warm tolerance in this cross as Western Movie has some to start with

OK1622 Kulnura Snow 'White Tower' x (Sleeping Bill Bailey x Sleeping Nymph) Cool Growing

A cool growing standard alba. Very strong spike, good flower count. These will be white to green alba

OK1614 Vanessa Amorosi 'Paradise' x (Dolly 'Featherhill' x Valerie Absolonova) WT

Warm tolerant on both sides, this cross should make some whites to blush on compact plants with good flower count


OK1636 Rosy Cloud 'Paradise' x Elderberry Wine 'Rose' WT

Two parents from the Peter Pan parentage. The Elderberry Wine has a high flower count and tall spike

Expect some nice pinks with a barred lip


OK1630 Portuguese Passion 'Tudor Snow' 2n x Snow Court moderate WT

These will be alba white mini cyms. Compact growing. Portuguese Passion has some warm tolerance as does Snow Court but only moderate



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