Orchidpeople Philosophy

We started our business just a few years ago in early 2005. Many of the plants we offer are the result of our initial effort to search out and find suitable warm loving varieties from suppliers around the globe. We will continue to search for warm loving cymbidiums as laboratories release them for commercial production. Our intention is to produce plants at a reasonable price for the home grower and the commercial grower seeking to grow the plants to blooming size.


Warm Loving Crosses

Since we first started collecting and testing warm loving cymbidium hybrids, we have isolated some special crosses which we have meristemmed and are now offering them in addition to several we have located from other sources. In addition we have begun our own breeding program and our first crosses are now beginning to flower. We'll be offering many of these in the near future. In addition we have mature breeding stock from which we are now making new crosses. We'll be offering this new material in flask and in plug form as we expand our business.


Miniature plants with substantial flowers

One of our goals is to produce small bulbed cymbidiums that will produce colorful blooms of decent size that do not require a cold temperature induction. Often cymbidiums are overlooked by many orchid growers because they take up so much space and if they are grown in a greenhouse that is heated, they cannot get the temperature differential required. We are attempting to produce cymbidiums perfect for these conditions. Miniature cymbidiums in stature whose flowers are substantial. We seek to select varieties that will bloom in 4-5 inch pots.

Flasks and plants

Please keep coming back to see new releases we are offering. As we release new material there will be offerings in flask as well as in small plants to NBS plants.

What we can offer you immediately is the assurance that you are getting a high quality product.

We pride ourselves on having healthy well grown plants. In Hawaii with the warm breezes and moisture we can do that. The rain and outdoor climate makes the plants grow vigorously. We have lots of sunlight so the plants can grow in all seasons. Because of this we can feed them well, and most of what we offer will bloom within two years from when we started them from flask. We will only sell you plants that have grown through the entire pot. We will not sell you plants which are newly repotted so that you won't get thin plants with lots of media. We encourage you to repot our plants to a larger pot when you receive them.

Many of our plants will be in 3.5-5 inch pots. With good care, they should bloom by next season. Shipping this size plant saves on shipping costs, and at the same time provides you with a healthy plant that will bloom in a reasonable time frame.