Orchidpeople Plugs


November 26 2018

When we plant out our flasks we always have more plants in the plug trays than we can comfortably plant. We offer these extra plants for sale periodically. They are at least 5-6 months old with good roots and ready for transplanting into 2-3 inch pots. There are limited supplies.


Price: $3.00 per plug - Whole tray is 50 plugs Minimum order is 25 plugs or can be ordered in any number when added to plants





Note pictures are below the descriptions

Peter Pan 'Lawson's #5'

A well known warm tolerant hybrid that is very compact. Nice tall spikes with good flower count



OPP585 Golden Road 'Sunbeam'

We made this Warm Tolerant cross from (Enzan Shining 'Royale Flame' x Mighty Tracey 'Eruption) #2 x Valerie Absolonova #13.

It has 3 inch flowers, blooms from June until January. Tall straight spikes and free blooming.
This is a very easy to grow Cymbidium











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