Orchidpeople Plugs

June 2017


When we plant out our flasks we always have more plants in the plug trays then we can comfortably plant. We offer these extra plants for sale periodically. They are at least 5-6 months old with good roots and ready for transplanting into 2-3 inch pots. There are limited supplies.


Price: $3.00 per plug - Whole tray is 50 plugs

Street of Gold 'Mana' Mericlone

Our warm tolerant hybrid is very easy to grow and will bloom 1-1.5 years from flask. Street of Gold will form multiple spikes from the same new bulb and bloom as often as 2-3 times a year. It is a compact cross with small bulbs and blooms in small pots.




OPP729  China Cat Sunflower 'Yellow White Lip' x Peter Pan 'Lawson's #5' 

Warm tolerant cross should have yellow green flowers with tall spike.


OPP782 Peter Pan 'Lawson's #5' x Street of Gold 'Mana'

A cross of two of our best warm toleranat hybrids. Should be early blooming compact cymbidiums